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Our Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team

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Al Shujaiat Foundation Jammu and Kashmir.

Al Shujaiat Foundation Jammu and Kashmir is a non - political and non - profit organisation focusing on improving the lives of marginalised children, women, and families. we are based in many states of India and run several innovative programs geared towards social and economic empowerment of women and youth ensuring familial care and education for children and providing material assistance to impoverished families whose homes need repairs due to damage caused by natural disasters or any other natural calamity. We are active in Jammu and Kashmir since 2014 and have accomplished extensive disaster relief and rehabilitation work in kashmir since 2014. Our work has been supported by generous monetary donations from both individuals and corporations as well through the boundless energy and hardwork of our team of dedicated volunteers.

"Help the needy to fulfill their daily needs to survive. Your money can help us to provide destitute with education, shelter, food and nutrition"

Al Shujaiat Foundation

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Message from President

Assalamu alaikum

To serve the local communities of J&K is the primary goal of Al Shujaiat Foundation. We have started our journey in 2014 with an aim to provide assistance to the destitute in best possible ways for their survival and their upliftment. We also believe in empowering people regardless of gender, caste, religion or colour. We at Al Shujaiat Foundation work hard to reach out to thousands of downtrodden and marginalized sections of society.
We believe that Right to Education and Right to Health are some of the basic rights which every individual of this world should be provided with, irrespective of their social status. Al Shujaiat Foundation leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every individual who has been deprived of these for some reason, get the chance to avail these rights.
At the same time our aim is not just helping people but to empower them with the abilities to have access to all the basic necessities of life enabling them to earn respect and dignity for themselves and their future generation.
As the President of Al Shujaiat Foundation I strongly believe that it’s our duty and responsibility to give back to the society in which we live, in return of the many things we avail from it in our day-to day lives. Al Shujaiat Foundation as an organization stems from this root belief. Me and my team’s quest to serve the destitute gives us the strength to work with full dedication, sincerity and honesty. We dream to see a brighter society with this little initiative of ours and know that our dreams will bear fruit soon as we are not alone. The backbone of  Al Shujaiat Foundation is its Sponsors, Volunteers and all supporters and well wishers who have helped us in many different ways.

Best Wishes & Regards

Mohd. Amin Ganai

President Al Shujaiat Foundation

Al Shujaiat Foundation

Our Projects

Covid Emergency Project

COVID-19 has created immense issues for the poor and destitute who are living below the poverty line and are daily workers. Hundreds of families were without proper food and other basic amenities to survive.

Ramadan Relief Project

Al Shujaiat Foundation identified more tha 10,0000 families who were deserving and needy. We provide them with food items enough for the month of Ramadan to feed their families.

School-Darul Alom Project

We are presently running a school at Satam Kokernag where we have some 300 students. These students belong to poor families and are being provided with all facilities to stay and study in the school.Students get inform and moral education there.Our main focus is to develop their personalities and to give them moral education.

Education and Scholarship

Kashmir has an estimated 214,000 orphans who are living in misirable conditions having single parent, which is their mother in most of the cases. These are the most vulnerable in the society as they have no source of income and hence can't get access to quality education. Guardians of such kids are mostly their mothers, who are housewives and unemployed.

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Al Shujaiat Foundation

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Medical Assistance
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Al Shujaiat Foundation

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Al Shujaiat Foundation
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Al Shujaiat Foundation

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+91-1933250787, +91-7006713744



Registered Office

D-45, Ist Floor, Zakir Nagar, West New Delhi- 110025

Operating Office

Bus Stand Tral Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, 192123

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