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Al Shujaiat Foundation Jammu and Kashmir is based on true incident of year 2011 when an innocent girl named Shujaiat, aged 7 years old was suffering from a rare heart disease. Due to her illness, the doctors advised her parents to admit her in a specialized hospital located in Delhi India but due to financial crises, it was a huge burden for her parents to take her for treatment to Delhi hospital. To save her life, parents kept their hardships and financial situation aside; they finally reached Delhi for her treatment.

After consultation and complete assessment by the team of doctors, they came up with an advice of immediate operation. The payment of RS. 6 Lakh was to be paid to carry out the operation which was impossible for parents to manage. Although, it was a very difficult moment to cope up with the situation, her parents started to manage hospital fees.

In the midst of managing payment for her operation, thanks to a close friend of her father who lived in Delhi who came up with an assistance of RS.1 Lakh. Although, this was not enough, the parents decided to sell their property to save her life. By hook and crook, the parents paid an amount of RS.6 Lakh to carry out her treatment almost after a month.

Finally, after the Lead-time of 1 month, her surgery was done by the specialized team of doctors but soon after 5 days, it was the little blooming bud’s fate that she lost the battle of her life. It was a sad moment for her parents that they lost their child after all sufferings. Soon after the girl passed away from this world, it was Saudi Ambassador who lodged the case against hospital authorities and compensated them with RS. 10 Lakh but the courageous parents refused to take the compensation.

After watching the determination, trustworthiness and sincerity of the parents, the Saudi Ambassador was impressed and requested them to open a trust (NGO) in the name of their child who lost her life and gave them words to support the trust financially according to the rules and regulations (LAW) of the country.

The trust was named as Al Shujaiat Foundation Jammu and Kashmir and was brought to existence by Mr. Mohammad Amin Ganaie on 19th of June, 2014 with an aim of helping needy, orphans all around no matter what caste, color and religion with the objectives of providing Education charities, Health Charities and most important Environmental Charities.

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We aspire to be helpers. So we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender and country.

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Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent for everyone.

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In an effort to ensure volunteering at Foundation events is fulfilling help experience for you.

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