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COVID-19 Emergency Project

Families providee with essential food items :

COVID-19 has created immense issues for the poor and destitute who are living below the poverty line and are daily workers. Hundreds of families were without proper food and other basic amenities to survive. Al Shujaiat Foundation reached hundreds of poor families who have no source of income and were most affected by the lockdown due to corona virus. We provide such families with essential food items like flour, cooking oil, pulses, and various other items.. We have started our project from Tral Pulwama to different areas of south Kashmir. As people are still jobless and are facing challenges to feed their children, we need your support to reach the maximum. Please donate us.

Medical assistance provided (100)

At Al Shujaiat Foundation we provide medical assistance to poor and needy patients who can't afford medicine to treat ailments they are suffering from. We buy the the prescribed medicine and sometimes help them in cash to get the proper treatment. So far we have given medical assistance to 100 deserving patients.

Areas sanitized

We have been sanitising different areas of South Kashmir, hospitals, quarantine centers, Masjids, Gurudwaras, etc since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus.

PPEs provided to frontline workers

Doctors and paramedical staff are our frontline workers who save millions of lives while risking their own. PPEs were required in some hospitals and quarantine centers for our frontline warriors. We procured 10,000 PPE kits and donated them to doctors and paramedical staff in different hospitals and quarantine centers

Ramadan Relief Project

Food packs for poor families ( 5000 families)

The recent crisis has hit every single person in the society. Daily wagers and labourers cannot get a day of work to earn a penny to feed their family. Weaker section of society is more vulnerable than any other section of the society. Thus poverty conquered the lives in Kashmir. Poor people hardly get meals for two times. Eyes get watery after seeing the conditions of poor in the month of Ramadhan, when they don’t get quality food to eat in Sehri and Iftar, while others are enjoying the Sehri and Iftar parties.

Al Shujaiat Foundation identified more than 5000 families who were deserving and needy. We provide them with food items enough for the month of Ramadan to feed their families. Our goal is to help every possible family who are in need and provide them with quality food items so that they can cater their needs.


We also organise iftar for people in different parts of Kashmir valley. As part of our charity programs, we organize Iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadan to the less privileged / needy individuals in the communities we serve (the poor, the needy, widows, orphans and others).

The Holy Month of Ramadan is filled with bliss of abundant blessings and presents us with an opportunity to maximize our good deeds. One of such acts which all Muslims are encouraged to perform in excess is kindness and charity (zakat one of the five pillars of Islam which means ‘to purify’. Allah Almighty mentioned in the Holy Quran: “Take from your wealth so that you might purify and sanctify it” {Quran 9:103} and it has been mentioned in the Quran in more than 30 verses).

Al Shujaiat Foundation presents you with an avenue to contribute whatever you can towards our cause this Ramadan and reap Allah’s rewards on earth and the hereafter.

Schools (Darul Uloom)

We are presently running a school at Satam Kokernag where we have some 300 students. These students belong to poor families and are being provided with all facilities to stay and study in the school. Students get information and moral education there. Our main focus is to develop their personalities and to give them moral education in such a way that they become an epitome of humility and kindness.

Education and Scholarship project

Kashmir has an estimated 214,000 orphans who are living in misirable conditions having single parent, which is their mother in most of the cases. These are the most vulnerable in the society as they have no sorce of income and hence can't get access to wuality education. Guardians of such kids are mostly their mothers, who are housewives and unemployed. Their families hardly can meet their basic needs of day to day life and getting quality education becomes a dream for them. We at Al Shujaiat Foundation have started education and scholarship project with an aim to provide these poor and destitute children with quality education by sponsoring them. We provide the with monthly scholarships so that their families and guardians most importantly won't feel it a burden to educate their children. We also monitor the children in their academics so as to know their growth or weakness and work according to eradicate the issues they are facing. With your support we have provided education scholarships to 1500 students. We have identified more than 400 orphans who have zeal to get education but have no resources. We need your support in getting these children educated. You can sponsor an orphan/poor student by donating INR 500 to 1500 per month.

Come forward to enlighten someone's life.

Future projects

Free ambulance service

Al Shujaiat Foundation intend to start a free ambulance service for the local community. Shortage of ambulance service for the poor has been a great issue for the local community and destitute patients suffer most out of it. Poor patients can't bear the cost of hiring a local vehicle to reach hospitals far from their residences. Our initiative will help them to visit hospitals by availing free ambulance service. Also from hospitals patients will be taken to their residences whenever needed. The Ambulances will be kept at a centrally located places or hospitals of each district of South Kashmir. A helplime number will be acquired and publicised via print media and other forms of advertisement. Ambulance drivers will be given trainings other than driving the patients with safety and care . Ambulance driver will also be trained in basic medical response viz first aid & CPR .The Driver will be trained for taking emergency calls and navigating the patient to the nearest medical facility via short and safest possible routes . The services will be kept 24x7. We need support from our brothers and sisters for this project. As we totally depend on local donations for this project.

Diagnostic centre on no profit no loss model

The objective of the free diagnostic centre service is to ensure availability and access to diagnostic tests to public at a very minimal cost. The centre will work on "no profit no loss" model. The main aim is to reduce the expenditure of poor patients on the tests they are required to do privately at a very high cost.

Orphanage in Pulwama

We are also planning to construct an orphanage in pulwama for the orphan kids where they will be provided with all the facilities to live a happy and healthy life. Children will stay in orphanage and will get quality education, food, clothing etc. Our main objective is to prepare them in a way that they become independent in their lives. Our primary focus will be on their education and all round development of children which includes,formal education, religious education, sports, personality development, IT skills, vocational training etc.

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