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Work carried Out during Pandemic

Work carried out during pandemic

Al-Shujaat Foundation Jammu and Kashmir is the only organization whose mission is to reach out to the deserving people and help them as well as to treat every section of the society in the same way. The mission of this trust is to make poor and needy People feel like their own institution where they will get every support for best survival of their lives trust management trying provide assistance to all those who needed any type help all the time as much as possible and Reach out to people who have no support. There are many things in our plan that we are desperate to complete. Due to lack of time and money on our part, our target is not being completed yet.

In fact, our mission is very big in which we try to help as many people as possible easily. because of this trust. It should be clear that we are not based on religion color ,creed ,sex caste. etc but it is for all without any discrimination
We are helping people, but our mission is to reach out to those in need. Basically, if we take a look, we will first make a small effort with our trust, through which the same trust will intervene.

We are working to build an orphanage in which at least all the children who have lost their mother or a father or both will be educated as well as brought up,feed up and will be provided them all facilities in that institution
These resources will be provided free of cost to those who have lost parents . In addition, through our trust, we have taken the initiative to provide full support to the general public in a dangerous disease like Covid-19, as well as spraying sanitizer.
In addition, we went door-to-door to deliver rations to the poor who did not have anything to eat in the evening. If we talk about the state of Jammu and Kashmir, we not only helped the people of Pulwama district but also Kashmir.

Reaching at least the entire district and offering our full support. Our mission has already been to provide as much help as possible to the poor and needy, whether we help the poor to go to school or the poor. Those who have nothing to eat and drink and our mission is to formally run a program through which we add such needy people to our order to conclude it we are in a mission to eradicate poverty as soon as possible our mission is fully covered with safety of humans and we are trying our best so for .we are getting a big handed support from our volunteers to meet out the needs of people in different areas our conception is not get any benefit for self but our goal is support all those who are poor need full handicapped ,etc we too have different Programme through which we are trying to do something different for general needy people all over India.

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